Courtney and Stephen Maddox 2a

Harriet Courtney Maddox & Stephen Maddox Sr.

It is a continuous stream which carries you, your ancestors and your children.  Our goal is to help everyone, especially blacks in the United States of America, to stay in touch with what has happened and its connection to what is happening in our country.

While living our lives in 21st century United States of America we sometimes get out of touch with those who went before us.  The problems and challenges faced by our ancestors have not all disappeared.  Many of the negatives faced in years past have just changed their skins, but underneath the surface lay the same basic issues for us.

Learn from those who preceded you by talking with those still alive and studying the lives and times of those who are gone. Both “good” and “bad” experiences can be opportunities to learn. Then teach it to your family and important friends so they can benefit from these experiences.

We want you to participate in this project by sharing what has happened to you and yours while commenting on our ideas and opinions.

This blog is the love project of Stephen and Harriet Courtney Maddox

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