By: Harriet Courtney Maddox

March 17, 2016

“A backlash is an adverse reaction to something which has gained popularity, prominence, or influence. The term is commonly applied to gender and racial discrimination and religious discrimination against minority groups, as well, such as in response to certain events or circumstances.”  Thanks, Wikipedia for that definition.  

When President Obama was elected the first time I was shocked since the America I grew up in was one of racial, religious, and gender discrimination.  Where had all of these silent non-prejudiced white folks Keeping Blacks Down 2bbeen hiding?  History has shown me that as soon as a minority group makes one step forward the contagious racists make sure they spread their vileness.    I did not think the USA had transitioned away from the “white is right” mentality and non-Christians could breathe a sigh of relief from Bible thumpers wanting a misogynistic theocracy for the country for which it had and has been advocating for several decades.  Before the end of President Obama’s first term it was clear that the loudly vocal poor whites along with the uneducated and other brainwashed haters were gathering troops to use detestable methods to put the “Nigras” back in their places, which in their minds is on the bottom and in the back.  That’s backlash politics for you.   

 As a black person I had an advantage.  I learned as a child that I was a nigger in the ruling class’s eyes.  I feel sorry for blacks and other minority groups and some white women who are clueless. My definition of a nigger is one not in the power class, it is an outsider good for only what the master class wants or needs.  America is addicted to their drug of choice, racism.  One of the first steps in recovery from a disease such as racism is to use the RAIN method.  

Recognize there is a problem.  Too many white people are in denial about the racism from the past and present while pretending there will be none in the future.

Analyze the problem and figure out why our country is like that.

Investigate as to  why and how racism occurred and continues to happen in all areas of life.

Nullify the results after talking and fixing all sides involved.


Because our nation has never dealt with racism and many Americans ignore the problem, it persists and others have full participation in its continued plague.  Look at the Donald Trump rallies and other racist organizations on Never underestimate the power of stupid peoplethe rise?    Their campaign  is a climate of hatred and blame of minorities and women for all of the ill in the land.  People such as the blackfaced clowns like Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas act as though they are blind to this fact and they carry the gauntlet of bigotry to future generations while poisoning the American minds.  White people can point to those two unconscious black puppets and sincerely believe that they are not racist because they like those Uncle Toms.  Have you seen these “good” white people with Ben Carson for President bumper stickers proudly driving around in denial?  Now he is a nigger who knows his place.  If this country wants an excellent future then white people need to come together and figure out what their problem is with race.  I have 20 questions written for whites, that if they answered them honestly, they might see the truth and recognize that they caused the problem and continue it.  Some might figure this out before those good white folks become the minority in the not too distant future.  Was it the author James Baldwin who said if prejudice people give up their hatred, ignorance and fear they would have nothing left?  I sure have no power in helping them to change.  Minority people have been waiting for over 500 years for equal opportunities and still some folks say it is too soon… dah.

The second time President Obama was elected I lulled myself into a false sense of believing the USA had more people living outside of their preprogrammed prejudice than there were of idiots.  As a former educator with degrees in sociology and the human potential movement I felt vindicated and positive that as a nation we were headed toward a more equal and tolerant society.  Wow, was I living in Hope-ville, USA?!?  Reconstruction horrors from the end of the Civil War were and are always lurking in the back of my mind and those ugly visions of hatred came busting loose with a vengeance not witnessed so forcefully in years with Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP spreading filth.  They could have given segregationist George Wallace tips with their similar rhetoric.

George Wallace vs Donald Trump - History repeatsTed Cruz and Marco Rubio have the nerve of Clarence and Uncle Ben Cartoon pretending that the racist Republican base can’t see that they are Latino.  Those two are even coming out against other Latinos because “their” Cuban roots were given preferential treatment while other Latinos were not.  They are being used by the rich to deflect the belief that the Republican Party is racist and sexist.  Well, look who they had running for president.  Thanks to Trump and his ties to the KKK he has pulled the white hood off of the Republican Party.  Even after all of this I know that there are some black and brown folks still ass-kissing the GOP.  The Republicans had a female who hates women, no thank you to Carly Fiorina.  After she spread her “baby killing” lies she did not repent her tirade against poor women once she learned Planned Parenthood was not selling baby parts.  Carly wants poor women to keep birthing poor kids to be used as cannon fodder for rich peoples’ wars and to supply prisons with free labor.  Chris Christie, when did white folks stopping calling you a Wop, or Dago?  I live in Colorado and that is what they call you in this state.  

Anger. I hear reporters saying that Trump, Cruz and the rest of those clansmen, are attracting angry voters who feel disenfranchised.  Why, because they are dying out, losing their illusions of power and white superiority?  For over 200 years blacks and other minorities have had to live with PTSD and all of the crazy behavior it causes. Whites are upset and mad because they don’t feel as free to name call anymore?  If they get caught by social media committing their nasty and lethal deeds on camera and not allowed to blame the victims as they did historically their feelings are hurt?   If the new slave catchers (the cops) get caught on film killing a minority person they don’t even get a slap on the wrist. I know why I am angry.  I have had to put up with their stupidity, name calling, debasing looks and discrimination for decades as did my ancestors going back to the 1700’s right here in America in Virginia.  Generation upon generation of European immigrants to US - mediumminorities living with PTSD and self-hatred turn on each other in gangs, etc. and whites blame us?  Having white people telling minorities to go back to their nations of ancestral origin if they don’t like it here is a joke.  Hell, we minorities are the bodies who built America while white European ancestors were being kicked out of their countries because they were not of the ruling class and never could get land, money or respect.  Poor Europeans either got sick and tired of being poor and starving or were chased out of Europe with death threats or family imprisonment for being poor.   Many whites, not of the noble class, had no other alternative but ship out to America/Australia or one of the global areas colonized to get rid of them.  By spreading the Europeans’ diseased minds, bodies and spirits and using technologically advanced methods for the time, they took over the indigenous populations and ruled them as they had been ruled.  The new immigrants had become the very masters they were escaping.  Guess they don’t learn and empathy is a foreign word.

Yes, I do believe in Karma however it sometimes works too slowly and gives me a need to help it along by slapping the stupid out of the unconscious populous.   

The old saying, “history doesn’t repeat itself but it sure as hell rhymes,” is exactly where we are, not only nationally but also globally.  I guess one might say that it is part of human nature to be jealous, hateful, xenophobic, and to fear “others.”  Time after time I have noticed that when those in power, which are usually few in number compared with the masses, feel threatened, the powerful class will get the under and non-educated masses to focus on some shiny ideal or point to minorities to blame  for their down trodden plight.  This is a technique the wealthy have used with starting and continuing wars historically.  The wars give them more wealth and they get to rid themselves of too many unwanted people in the herd.  If war isn’t a fast enough method of thinning the herd of the unwashed masses those in power will promote some global biological disaster.  The mental sheep buy into the rhetoric willingly and get sucked into crazy propaganda wars putting their lives on the line while the wealthy few take bets and watch in amusement as the rest of us die. The powers behind the throne will tell the masses that they are inherently superior to the targeted groups or ideals and misdirect their hatred to the unfortunate ones they want hurt or killed Puppeteer 2off. Oh, but it gets better.  Then the masters get their minions to vie for the positions of head lackey and the stooges are happily positioned to be blindly manipulated.  I just want to smack them and say, “Hey, don’t blame me for your lot in life; I am not the one in power holding all of the cards!  Wake up and see who is really pulling your strings.  I am just an old black woman not wanting your job, your position in life nor your ignorance.”  By the way GOP, where are all the free things and money you said the Democrats give to blacks?  Jeb Bush said that so it must be true.  

One treasure I inherited from my mother was to look at issues, people, spiritual practices and politics through my own lens and see if what others are professing as facts is what and how I see things for my betterment.  I was taught to ask myself what I am hearing, does it feel like truth or myths and lies.  I don’t take things or people at face value just because Mr. or Mrs. So & So says it is true.  Always question authority.  Beyond what Mother gave me is my ability to see through the eyes of those unlike myself.  I can understand how scared white racists are and it is that fear that is at the heart of this backlash.  Whites will no longer be in the majority before the end of this century and that is scary for them.  Whites might have to share with minorities not just money, jobs and opportunities but also positions of power.  After all the decades of abuse, neglect and torture the racists have done of course they are scared.  

President Clinton’s plan to get as many minorities in prison and out way for jobs, education and other positions customarily held by whites worked. Did Hillary whisper in Bill’s ear that maybe it was a good or bad idea to lock up loads of poor people?   America has more minorities and poor whites in prison than ever before in our history.  Have you seen whites notice that once blacks and other minorities have been allowed into arenas of sports, in education, law, entertainment, we seem to dominate?  There is a lot to fear because those in control want to keep the masses divided, blaming and alienated from joining together and seeing what is truly going on.  The Koch Brothers’  people want their reactionary rhetoric to divide and conquer so that they may continue to control everything  universally and dominate with their superiority into the next centuries.  I recently got on the library wait list for the book, DIRTY MONEY by Jane Mayer.  The book explains how the billionaires are the ones behind the backlash movement against minorities.  The Fox News dirty old bastards encouraged their Frankenstein monster, Donald Trump, to try to destroy President Obama and now they want to pull Trump back and are mad because he pulled off the hood of their racist rhetoric.   The “holier than thou” ego-driven evangelical intolerant beasts like Mike Huckabee were used to incite the ignorant religious masses to do Fox’s dirty work of overt racism, sexism, religious intolerances.  What would happen if all the monsters the billionaires created turned against their lords and masters? That would never happen because the stupid masses devour their masters’ messages eager to take no responsibility for their lives.  It is easier to be financially broke when you can blame the blacks, browns, reds, females, the gays, fill in the blank.  When you are a white male born with all the advantages and you do not achieve success, you You annoy the ever living fuck out of memust find a scapegoat for why you are not on top.  The ignorant thrive on soundbites, fill their minds with propaganda from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and the skinny pretty floozies from Fox News who reiterate over and over into dumb minds their propaganda until the lies they hear from their masters becomes their gospel.   Ignorant people never learned to think for them or out of their comfort zone box.  This behavior on both sides, masters and their unworthy slaves in need of favor, has been playing out over the centuries.  The Koch Brothers, and those in their sphere, have created an environment in this nation of hatred, intolerance, bully-ism, fear, distrust, etc.  How does this help them stay in power?  I liken it to master magicians being able to pull the strings of the ignorant masses to focus on shiny glaring differences while they continue to rob everyone blind laughing all the way to the banks that they own and regulate by their rules.   Blame is their gateway drug of choice and it still works and gets stupid people high on their hatred.     

It is my hope that the Democratic Party will win the presidency in this upcoming election.  If Hillary Clinton wins the country will continue in a Hillary as jezebel-bette-davis-1938-everett - smallnormal and hopefully peaceful direction.   She has been bought and paid for years ago.  It will be business as usual.  One of my favorite expressions I use is, “Just like the south, vampires, and the Clintons, I shall rise again.”  She will make all kinds of promises to black folks, brown people and women and she may support some positive change if she is pressured into doing so.  I don’t understand why blacks and women are pro-Hillary.  She is a political whore, as is her husband, the womanizer.  Bill Clinton is alleged to have flirted with any white woman around and has been this way for years.  He is overt in his sexual desires for women and I guess in some circles in black society being a “player’s player” makes him a brother from another mother.  In my world it just makes him a dirty old bastard and I feel Hillary should be held up as an example for the right-wing.  She is a woman of the “I stand by my man no matter how many women he parades in front of the public eye.”  I can’t get the image out of my mind of Massa Bill, screwing the slave women and poor white females while Mistress Hillary turns a blind eye to the plight of those women. I see Hillary as an enabler to the belief that men are superior and hornier than women and is giving men a pass to cheat.  I have no respect for her as a woman.  

Who does her son-in-law work for?  Does he have anything to do with mining and ethics investigations or is Marc Mezvinsky just a target for speculation?  

Bernie Sanders resonates with my views.  He is kind, sincere, has survived being in politics as an independent for decades.  Bernie was in prison protesting racial discrimination while Hillary was running around as a “Barry Goldwater Girl.”  I watched the video of when she changed her mind and became a democrat and yes, people can change.  Do I trust her?  Hell to the NO.  To do what, put more blacks into prison?   If she wins the Democratic nomination I will vote for her because she is the lesser of evils compared with any of the GOP.  Their evil has been unleashed and is thriving so well in these overly cruel backlashers’ times that it lends itself ripe for a climate of bombings, assassinations, police brutality, fear and prejudice.  If apathy keeps minorities and women from voting then I can only guess that they are either too lazy, too stupid or masochistic.  People died for the right to vote!  Shut up and vote for your destiny!!!

It has been decades since we have had a declarative non-Christian in the White House.  The deists from history such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Benjamin Franklin and John Tyler were not Christians.  It did not make them better or worse but they had enough sense to separate religion from government.  My views on organized religion are not popular however, I do understand why people want and need religion.

Religion-is-not-the-opiate-of-the-masses - small

I remember when President Kennedy ran for office and the masses were saying they did not want a Catholic in the White House answering to whoever was pope at that time.  I believe southern blacks won’t vote for Bernie because he is Jewish.  As if all these Christian leaders past and present have done us so well.  Yes, Bernie is Jewish and as much as the right wingers have been talking about supporting Israel of late I know that there is growing anti-Semitism riding on the coattails of hatred for blacks, women gays, etc.  He is a non-practicing Jew which is delightful to me.  Since another favorite axiom of mine is, “God is too big to fit into any one religion” therefore, I am glad Bernie is beyond the “isms” of religion and open to all faiths.  Americans seem so shortsighted in terms of history and
religious intolerance.   Have you heard white folks and Dr. Ben Carson say to blacks, “Be happy we got you out of Africa and gave you Jesus?”

Ben Carson - be glad for slavery Nothing is ever a problem until it affects humans personally.  Fifty years ago when drugs finally got out from the inner-city ghettos and into the white suburbs there had been no drug problem as far as the white middle class knew.  Same ideology when it comes to gangs, no problem until the gangs spread to white middle class America. Guns and mental health issues…all of the maladies that were okay and created to keep minorities “spaced out” and imprisoned and away from moving up the socioeconomic ladder.  The chickens have come back to roost and bite them in their rear ends.  

Bernie is saying let’s have a USA connecting and building up groups so that we can all come together and create wonderful experiences for all.   Let’s educate our youth so that they are not uneducated drones easily lead by their masters.  I have spoken with other educators who have stated that it is their belief, as it is mine, that education is deliberately being dumbed down because an uneducated public is much more easily manipulated and controlled.  Is the USA so egotistical that they cannot stand back, globally see what works and does not work in other countries then adopt the best practices?  Using the best methods other countries have, we could adopt fine working models for our best policies?  Dah, that would mean the top 1% of the wealthiest might need to share and pay their fair share of taxes as I have to pay and I bet you have too.   I have heard people say, “Yes, I like Bernie but he is unrealistic.”  Why is it other countries can do what he is suggesting as social democracies and not have the nation turn into the Boogie Man of yesterday’s communism?  What an awful era that McCarthyism was and how did that affect Jews, homosexuals, women etc.? Donald Duck on Stupid people - small How soon we do forget.  Donald Trump wants to run the press and do all of the controlling stuff we Americans say we hate about other cultures and countries we protest and declare our enemies.   Did the Donald learn to use Stalin and Mussolini ideology at Fordham University, University of Pennsylvania or at Wharton?  Can anyone tell me why he had to go to
three different schools to graduate?  

 I am assuming it was not for financial reasons or because his family was military and had to move.

 Maybe he learned how to destroy from his father who was arrested after a KKK riot in Queens, NY.  Look up the article from 1927 and learn the Donald’s family history.   I am not one to blame children for the misguided dysfunctional behaviors of their parents but growing up in a household of hate and violence might leave a residual impression of hatred toward minorities.  Well, he got the Hitler salute right that he uses at his rallies.    

You must have heard people blaming “political correctness” for all the ills in America.  Good old Uncle Ben “Cartoon” Carson was reciting that dumbness when he knows those in power, or have the delusion of power, are roaring mad because they can’t, in public, call Blacks, Niggers, women Cunts, brown people Spics, Jews Kikes, Asians Chinks, East Asians Towel Heads…it means they no longer had a pass for being outright mean, hateful and humiliating.  It burns them up that they can no longer call my great-grandmother Mammy or slut after raping her.  I get why closed-minded white people don’t want to give up their verbal insults after centuries of being able to call anyone by anything they wanted to.  Even now the original inhabitants of the USA are called Red Skins and made fun of along with minority people participating at football games in our nation’s capital.   I wonder if Dr. Ben Carson’s wife was called a negress by his fellow GOP friends would Uncle Ben stand up for her or would he punk out as Jeb Bush did when Trump spoke about Jeb’s Mexican wife and kids?  Jeb needed his mommy to stand up for him.

Another complaint I hear is how Bernie Sanders is too old.  He is six years older than Hillary and as children that is a big deal.  A six-year-old is worlds apart from a twelve-year-old.  But, once one is a senior citizen there is a statistical probability that the more the calendar flips over the closer one is to death however, I feel that issue can be addressed in the following manner.  What is the individual’s health and stamina?  Show your medical records to the public when running for president whether you 35 years old or 75.  There are some young people who are in bad shape and some people older and stronger while mentally and physically fine. Health is a result of the individual’s choices, genes, environment and lifestyle.  Just because I am old it does not mean I am lame or mentally infirmed.  Nancy Reagan ran the country when Ronald, her husband, had dementia.  

Is America ready for a political revolution or is our apathy and habit of not taking responsibility, politically or otherwise, so great that we are willing to blindly allow the nation to regress fifty years and ignore what is really going on?  Do we want to change for the better?  Racism is such a part of our country we are not even aware of what and how it affects those who are not in power.  Hate is insidious more so than the sugar and salt being poured into our daily supply of food and it manifests and spreads its cancerous cells in our nation’s soul.   

In closing, if Bernie Sanders could get Elizabeth Warren (age 67) to run as his vice president that would be my ideal.  To ensure their good health we could have Killer Mike as Speaker of the House.  That dude is smart.  And, in successional order, have the President pro tempore Chris Rock and Secretary of State Whoopi Goldberg and in 7th place we would keep the present Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  I hope there will be a woman Native American nominated for the Supreme Court.  This government would have loads of funds issued for the space program because the Koch Brothers and their kind would have the greatest incentive ever to get the hell off of Earth and only send for new slaves to service them.  Bend over unconscious zombies and leave with your masters for Mars while I wave to you and gladly say, “Bye, Felicia.”

 Kitten on Stupid people



I am a former teacher, marketing representative, labor negotiator and small business owner. As a black man born and raised in New York City I learned how to survive in the "neighborhood" and in business. Hearing about and witnessing the trials, tribulations, hopes and fears of my extended family and the people in their lives helped mold my life. Helping others with their own life journeys is my goal.

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