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Article by Stephen Maddox Sr.

Many conservative politicians and media talking-heads like to criticize Blacks in the US about the family problems and high crime rates in Black communities.  However it is the profits-first people running this country, now and historically, who consciously have stripped family building powers from Blacks and other minority people while they reaped the benefits from the exploitation of the same people.

The violation and corruption of the Black family in the USA started in Africa with the kidnapping of people for sale to slavers headed for the English colonies in 1619. The family members left behind in African nations were devastated by the loss of their family members. The enslaved people who survived the terrible trip to North America had no personal or family rights.

The persistent problems affecting the modern Black family in the USA are intimately connected to the profit and property driven institution of slavery and its bastard children, “Jim Crow” and “De Facto Discrimination”. The slaves were denied anything African, such as language, religion and culture. The slavers denied their victims any communication with their families in Africa. The kidnapped Africans’ family ties were broken at the African shore.

Slave Trading Destroyed Families

By reserving the right to buy, sell, and control these people they labeled as “property” the slaver owners gutted the Black family’s right to exist. The political descendants of those business-first people scream today about the need for “Family Values” while they prevent minority people from functioning as a family. Also, the raping of black women was not a crime, even though most of the rapists claimed to be Christians. Most of the rapists denied the children they fathered any recognition, rights or status. These children were still property, not family members and heirs to their properties.

How does an “honorable” man enslave his own children? There are millions of people in the USA, myself included, who are products of this enslavement, rape, and denial of paternity culture.

Think about this: when the Slave ships delivered their African cargos to American shores only Black slaves came off the ships. Where did mixed-race (White and Black) people come from? How did light-skinned blacks get here? There were almost no marriages of whites and blacks. The vast majority mulattos were fathered by white men who did not marry the child’s mother. The mother could not sue for child support. That was how those “Fore Fathers” behaved. They screwed their slave females and enslaved their offspring. Their sperm increased their wealth.

Unlike those white fathers, the black mothers and their families included those children of rape in their homes and hearts. The babies were loved and cared for by the people whose own humanity was denied by their own fathers. It was the fathers who were behaving sub-human! They abandoned their children and often sold them. Their “Family Values Sucked”!

Today’s Black parents, constricted in their income, opportunity and authority, are still blamed for the educational and criminal problems of their children. There are many people in my family who, because of job discrimination, had to leave their family and home in search of jobs in other areas. Many of my generation faced discrimination in the schools we attended and all of that has not been eliminated. Police and courts continue to dreg us into their prisons. The old plantation system has morphed into today’s prison industry which serves its purpose by ensuring that blacks are not competitive with whites in the business and employment arenas.

Our stolen people have been denied their cultures, religions, parental rights, languages and more, including the sanctity of their own bodies.

The slavers also prevented any communication with their victims’ homelands to isolate and alienate them and they continue to misrepresent what African nations are really like. In most areas the education of slaves was a crime. After legal slavery ended, control has been maintained by providing sub-standard schools, materials and personnel to minority communities. Jim Crow laws and its baby, De-Facto Discrimination, have been used to keep Blacks in an inferior place.

Blacks have always been systematically blocked and discouraged in the business life of this country. When I was growing up black folks correctly told their children that in order to be equal in the business, education and employment markets they had to be better qualified than whites in the same situation. Redlining by banks and unfair pricing by suppliers has limited the success of Blacks in the economy. Government agencies in every part of the USA have participated in the suppression of blacks in the business, governmental and military worlds. Since colonial times businessmen all over this nation have poured great investments into many discriminatory ventures which had negative impacts on minorities without regard for the personal, family, social, health and religious consequences to their victims.

The USA economy and culture is driven by the desire for profits and power and it protects the powerful from intrusion and competition by minorities and poor whites.

Hey Conservatives! Correct your anti-Black Family behaviors and we will be just fine.

I am a former teacher, marketing representative, labor negotiator and small business owner. As a black man born and raised in New York City I learned how to survive in the "neighborhood" and in business. Hearing about and witnessing the trials, tribulations, hopes and fears of my extended family and the people in their lives helped mold my life. Helping others with their own life journeys is my goal.

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