In light of this weekend’s commemoration of Selma, Alabama’s Bloody Sunday I am feeling more than a bit aggravated. The continued existence of the civil rights and economic inequities in this nation since its beginning has been intentional. The failure to eliminate these inequities is not accidental. The Intentional Inactions are highlighted by the “Band-Aid” approach used to not fix all civil and economic inequities. This incomplete and insincere method benefits those people who hold power and serves to continue the existence of Civil Wrongs. The majority of Americans, by not actively and affirmatively requiring the extension of full Civil Rights to all citizens, have by default endorsed the Civil Wrongs imposed on the would-be first-class citizens.

50 years has gone by since the US government passed several Civil Rights Bills and that is enough time for serious “people of good will” to remedy civil rights problems between themselves.

But, obviously, there are too few “people of good will” to make that happen.

All civil rights problems are human-caused. Humans write and enforce the laws, for better or for worse.

Uncle ScroogeAfter 225 years of existence the United States of America should be the mythical land of all good things its propaganda has claimed it to be since the rebels kicked out the British tyrants years ago.

The British tyrants were replaced by domestic tyrants. From 1789 to 1965 the USA refused to remedy all of the intentional inequities designed into the new nation which made Bloody Sunday inevitable. During the 50 years since 1965 this nation has only adjusted its mistreatment of its under-classes because it never wanted to FIX the problems. The majority of people and their elected representatives did not have it in their hearts to actually clean house. Many just wanted to say that they did. The blatant and legalized abuse was replaced by more subtle and back-door methods of holding onto power.

The suppression of “Non-Founding Father” type people in this nation has been insidious, pervasive and apolitical. No serious effort was put forth by the majority of people in power to eliminate the mistreatment back in 1789 and improvements since then have been slow and inconsistent. Jim Crow was slavery’s bastard child of the same money-hungry father. Many gross miscarriages of justice are still denied or ignored, and the proof is that today’s problems are not aggressively identified and eliminated. The people who say they are shocked or surprised by last week’s Dept. of Justice report on the pervasive racist practices in the Ferguson, MO City government are either lying or voluntarily stupid.

So what is the reason we still discuss civil rights? The majority of people in this nation are not motivated to force positive Civil Rights changes. Judging by their actions, most prefer the status quo and some are working to revive the old Civil Wrongs.

The root cause of slavery, indentured servitude, Jim Crow laws and other forms of second-class citizenship was GREED, not racism. The employment of racial and sexual differentiation allowed the greedy to establish easy control of their victims. Low-cost labor and high profits were their goals, and the wealth of the colonies, and the nation they later became, grew. “Free Enterprise” became a pseudo-religion for wealthy businessmen and profits justified their winner-take-all culture, behavior and politics. The same greed issues continue today and underlie the many forms of civil rights abuses still affecting our society.

Governments and laws are man-made. Civil rights abuses are man-caused. “Them that got” use government to maintain their power, control, and wealth. If all “citizens” were treated equally this nation would not be controlled by big money as it has been since day one.

Article by Stephen Maddox Sr.


I am a former teacher, marketing representative, labor negotiator and small business owner. As a black man born and raised in New York City I learned how to survive in the "neighborhood" and in business. Hearing about and witnessing the trials, tribulations, hopes and fears of my extended family and the people in their lives helped mold my life. Helping others with their own life journeys is my goal.

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