Cops who kill or attack children or non-threatening adults (who are almost always minorities) are either Haters or Cowards. Some have said they need more training. I don’t think so. These so-called public servants did not take classes on “How to kill children and adults who are not dangerous”. There is nothing to be unlearned, nothing that is misunderstood.

Hater Cops find reasons to hurt the objects of their animosity and fear. They can get creative with their techniques of inflicting pain on their victims and lie their butts off to cover-up their crimes.

Coward Cops want the badge, uniform and status of being cops, but when they think they are in danger their fear makes them quick to pull the trigger and lie to cover their cowardice.

Either way someone is killed or injured by these “Peace Officers”. Do not send them for training because there is no training course which can guarantee removal of hate or cowardice. Education only cures ignorance or builds a person’s skills. Haters and Cowards can get an “A” in any course. We already know how these people actually behave in the streets, and that is what matters.

Darren Wilson stands over body of Michael Brown

Darren Wilson stands over body of Michael Brown

Recently resigned Ferguson Policeman Darren Wilson’s artful Grand Jury testimony shows him vacillating between being a bully and coward. His long-delayed and well-manicured testimony was a below high-school quality play Produced by the Prosecutor and Police Chief. There was no one who acted as Prosecutor. The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch and Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson acted like parents who protect their brat kid no matter what he does. They rallied to shield Darren Wilson from the consequences of his actions by making the dead victim the villain.

In Wilson’s testimony he said “And when I grabbed him, the only way I can describe it is I felt like a five-year old holding onto Hulk Hogan”. He went on to say “that’s just how big he felt and how small I felt just from grasping his arm.”So Wilson goes from heroic Peace Officer to Kindergarten Kid.

Punk-Assed Wilson said his victim looked like a “Demon”. How much does he know about demons? After he killed the “Demon” he and his buddies left his trophy kill on street Beaten By a Mobdisplay for four hours. He was allowed to process his own gun and uniform into evidence hours later.  The photos taken of his injuries at the hospital looked like he had been slapped by a five-year-old, not attacked by a Demon. If Boy Hulk Hogan Demon had attacked Wilson as described his face would have looked like that hoax photo which was passed around by his friends just after the shooting.

Yes, I know he has resigned, but he has not been held accountable. His mommy and daddy (Robert McCulloch and Thomas Jackson) protected him from the “natives”, but Darren is a Grown-Assed-Man who life will judge and hold accountable. There is no resigning from that.

I am a former teacher, marketing representative, labor negotiator and small business owner. As a black man born and raised in New York City I learned how to survive in the "neighborhood" and in business. Hearing about and witnessing the trials, tribulations, hopes and fears of my extended family and the people in their lives helped mold my life. Helping others with their own life journeys is my goal.

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