Did you see that even FOX and Friends, “White is Always Right,” NEWS is no longer defending their Head Racist Rhetoric Cryer In Charge, Trump.  I do love to LAUGH at this ghetto hot mess in the White House.  The reason I am so enjoying this is because the right wing racists defended their Trumpet as long as he was blowing his trumpet for racism, religious intolerance, and anti-everything that is not wealthy old money men…they sang his praises.  Their pseudo right-wing Great White Hope, Tiger the Trump was GREAT!  Now Trump is mad at Sessions…tisk, tisk, tisk. When Elizabeth Warren stood before all the “powers that be” and was silenced on the Senate floor, I was outraged. These dogs were informed by her that the evil elf, Jeff Sessions, was beyond no good while Elizabeth quoted information from Senator Edward Kennedy, and read out loud, Coretta Scott King’s letter with her warnings to everyone about how awful that leprechaun Sessions was…Elizabeth was silenced by Mitch McConnell as he shuck his scaly turtle head out of his moist soft cracker body long enough to tell her to shut up.   Jeff Sessions, backed by McConnell, thought that they had gotten their vehicles to drive America backward to the “Good Ole Days” when women, blacks and all of the undesirables including the Jews, and Catholics (Kennedy can kiss my lily white ***) followed the natural order of things.  They celebrated a little too soon.

The clowning in the White House has made the USA a laughing stock around the world and why not? Our former allies don’t trust us, our enemies are plotting how to bring us down and the freak show in the White House continues.  It is a circus in DC and where is Steve Bannon, The Ring Master?  Will Trump put him out to pasture as the elephants were in the last Barnum & Bailey Circus tours?  Trump was not happy that “President Bannon” was getting all the attention from the public.  Steve Bannon’s was getting more “crackrity” than Trump.




Laughter in outer-space!

Thanks to Melissa McCarthy we all know who Sean Spicer is and I was going to miss his spiciness but now…WOW…”The Mooch”!  Oh, we can see so much more insanity coming out of the reality show of the presidency. The show is entertaining and the disruptive actions, in-fighting, lying,  cheating, betrayals, blackmailing, backstabbing…the best soap opera ever.  Move over “Scandal” even Papa Poke can’t fix this mess. Cancerous Trump’s trademark hook, “You’re Fired” might be the ironic jingle that gets him fired for real.  Can you say irony?   I hope the Boy Scouts of America see what happens to bad boys like Trump.  Watching some of this karmic debt being dispensed is ludicrously hilarious and I can’t turn away from this train wreck.  I feel a wee bit guilty laughing so hardily now knowing the rest of the world is mocking the preposterous antics of the White House and I justify my howling chuckles by knowing that the alarming catastrophic plans for war are waiting in the wings led by “Pasty Pence.”  Mr. Pence is who the Republicans wanted in the first place but “Mr. No-charisma Pence”, hadn’t a chance to win the presidency so, the real Slim Shady (Pence) will emerge during the White House emergency meltdown and then to war.   They will void their carnival barker Trump and his antics while acting like heroes defending America from that awful Trump. Next, they will rewrite history that they will spin in their favor.  Those who write the history master the future.

Traditionally, Americans love a good war.  Give the “Already More Dollars than Sense Class” ways to greedily and legally procure trillions of dollars to split up among themselves and give the rest of the American citizens some “cause” rhetoric or whacked national political ideology  to rally around and they will rattle their war swords and cry out and repeat slogans while drafting the young from the poor and middle classes.  The public opinion will buy into and be willing to die for another war for white already wealthy men.  It solves the problems with getting rid of these ungrateful minorities (non-wealthy whites, which means you too). Are the extreme Christians ready to endorse their youth to go into Hell again as they usually do?  Wait, they haven’t had enough time to force poor women to produce cannon fodder kids so their rich youth can sit back in their comfortable arm chairs and keep their wealthy butts home safely discussing the war while the drafted poor and misguided patriots are being murdered and maimed. They will get a catchy slogan, write some jingles, wave that red, white and blue flag high enough to get their offspring to go too. That is how it has been historically.

I feel this way because my family has been in the USA for over two centuries and we have seen this “War” game played out over and over with the only winners being the undertakers and the wealthy business elite.  I think it is very short sighted for the wealthy class to cry for war because killing off the young “undesirables” they might be destroying future scientist, educators, inventors, etc.  They seem to never learn and now, by saying climate change is just a leftist scam, once again they are cutting their noses off for profit and where will they live?  They are so backward they believe the earth is only 6,000 years old.  Blacks are no good because of Ham in the Bible.  Women are the gateway of sin.  There is no evolution (Well, for them it is true). “We don’t need no stinkin’ science.”  Deny all they want to but have some common sense!  And, after they get rid of us “undesirables” what will they eat, drink, and have to pass to the next generation?  Do they even care about their children and grandkids?  And they say minorities are fixated on immediate gratification…right.  What do I know, I’m just a Negress?!?  I know all of the men in my family paid their dues by in fighting their wars and got nothing but racist rants, lynchings and disrespect for their service.  My Uncle Charley died for the privilege of being dishonored with no death benefit for his wife in WW2.  Americans…WAKE UP!

If you want to hear what I am saying to you from an “expert” go check out the video below.  Lawrence Wilkinson might be able to get my point across more eloquently than I. If you have young adults ages (18 to 45) in your life, it would behoove you to take 20 minutes to hear him out.          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09di2xWG_1s

Video on youtube.com “Wilkerson: Trump “Needs a Good War” and Pence is Waiting in the Wings to Lead It”

Article by: Harriet Courtney Maddox

I am a former teacher, marketing representative, labor negotiator and small business owner. As a black man born and raised in New York City I learned how to survive in the "neighborhood" and in business. Hearing about and witnessing the trials, tribulations, hopes and fears of my extended family and the people in their lives helped mold my life. Helping others with their own life journeys is my goal.

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