Now that stupid is chic, I still hate dumbness.

That’s because I spent forty years educating students from kindergarten to college level and accepting stupid as fashionable just is not trending with me.  Stupid is a bad word in some families but to have the meaning of the word become popular or posh is beyond my reasoning.  Our president is inarticulate and incoherent and that is celebrated by his fellow Republicans…now that is STUPID.  Why?  Is it because 45 is more concerned about media ratings than what is good for the country?  I LOVE to watch TV.  Over the last six decades I must have racked up over 200,000 hours of television and NEVER have I seen such uncommunicative, tongue-tied “professionals” try to explain how Trump, our leader, is correct about anything. To use his vernacular, “Trump is a very very bad or sick dude.”  He uses President Obama as his whipping boy every chance he can get because Trump’s devotees are more obsessed with their small-minded bigotry than what is even best for themselves.  I want to see how much they love him when they are ill and need medical insurance only to find out that their great white hope has done nothing for them.

I wake up every morning wondering what kind of boorish tweet and/or dim-witted statement 45 has said overnight.  Maybe if he would spend his time reading and/or exercising he would not have energy to share such imbecilic poorly written Tweets to the public and the world. Then he sends his lackeys out to clean up his large messes from his verbal diarrhea   and has them explain to the press and the citizens what a great job he is doing for the American patriots.  I’d rather shovel elephant dung than explain what Trump meant by fixing his “alternative facts”  that flip-flop depending on who is giving his ego a hand job at the moment. They need to stop putting flowers in his asshole and calling it a vase.

How much ego-stroking does this impotent tiny phallic symbol need?  Trump loves to pander to his limp dick followers who as he said, “they would follow me even if I shot someone walking down 5th Avenue in NYC.”  After seeing the security bill he and his Euro-trash wife have given New Yorkers to pay for their security  because his Euro-hoe did not want to be near Trump New Yorkers might start chanting…”Lock him up” just as Trump encouraged his ignorant advocates to do to Hillary.   Now the good bigots of Bedminster, New Jersey, have to pay for his security there too. Those wealthy folks in Bedminster, New Jersey will figure out a way for the rest of America to foot their bill for his security detail. Trump brags about not paying his taxes so they will follow his lead while the rest of us average folks have had to pay our taxes for years so that they can parade around displaying their wealth and privileged status.

The sycophant Republicans run behind Trump making excuses to the American people for Trump’s imbecilic behavior.  Republicans are banking on their racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic magniloquent talk to “Make America Hate Again” rhetoric hoping it will pacify their ugly, hate-filled base of “deplorables.”  None of them should come out of this unsullied from playing in “Trump-shit.” If there are any virtuous members of that party left, why are they still backing and promoting Trump/Pence?  Maybe they view themselves the way Nazi supporters did in the 1930’s. They are going to college campuses gathering as many Trump Youth supporters to establish a right-wing America into future generations to flourish and thrive in hatred and self-righteous loathsome provincialism spreading to as many neighborhoods, states and countries globally.  Have they learned how extreme (name the religion) has been responsible for wars, torture, rapes, and murders in their own region and around the world for centuries?  I know they get a one-sided education promoting the indoctrination and propaganda their reactionary bigots brainwash them with so that they can control and patronize the youth to be lackeys of ignorance for generations to come.  It is quite sickening to see college students being fed misinformation deliberately. Many of these students were prepared and taught by ignorant generations of simpletons and they believe and follow under the fictitious illusions of words like faith, patriotism, and righteousness which makes all others wrong.  The arrogance of conservative leaders preaching their mendacious magniloquence sounding so extemporary and wholesome it makes me want to spew-forth my inner-ghetto self and tell them to get WOKE!

On a global stage, Americans had been making significant progress with President Obama as our leader, someone who they could trust to be fair and diplomatic. Trump has the whole world in awe of how offish and asinine his communications skills are compared to other leaders on most of the continents on Earth.  He promotes and glorifies dictators and tyrants globally because as my dear grandmother used to say, “Water seeks its own level.”

I admired Michelle Obama when she said, “When they go low we go high.”  I am leaning toward the statement Erika Alexander from “Living Single” TV fame made when she said, “When they go low, we bury them.”

There are so many crimes against humanity that Trump and his traitorous supporters have committed that there is no room for diplomacy, decency or mercy when confronting his “murder of crows” he has strategically placed to loyally comply with his directives.   It is gut-wrenching to even listen to their orations of destruction and malicious rancor. Trump’s fellow Republicans are resigned to follow their stupid leader no matter how low and despicable he goes which is a reflection on their own heinous values and evil intent toward anyone not of their privileged caste, and that includes good white folks who are not billionaires as well.  That’s right, to those people, you are a nigger too.  That is why you don’t need health care.

It is often said, “It is always the darkest before dawn.”  That means the American public and the world are in for an ominous shrouded future and before the long hot and sticky summer gets here, I am sure that those in power are sharing their glee for locking up and killing minority youth throughout the nation.  The Alt-right just can’t wait to get more minority bodies in the morgue and imprisoned to work their new plantation, prison.  As I used to tell my minority students, “They already have a prison cell with your prison number ready to lock you away so that you are not there to compete for education, jobs and a stable family life.  Don’t get sucked up by the plan and fall into their trap.”

I just hope that our youth will remember, Mrs. Maddox does not like stupid and neither should YOU.


  Article by H. Courtney Maddox

I am a former teacher, marketing representative, labor negotiator and small business owner. As a black man born and raised in New York City I learned how to survive in the "neighborhood" and in business. Hearing about and witnessing the trials, tribulations, hopes and fears of my extended family and the people in their lives helped mold my life. Helping others with their own life journeys is my goal.

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