Black people in the USA have a huge stake in the outcome of the investigation of Donald Trump’s relationship to Russian oligarchs.

There is a human rights storm brewing in the world because rich and greedy people are consolidating more power to themselves and they are forming gang-style alliances.

Why does this matter to Black people? Tyrannical Americans and tyrannical Russians rule by force. The history of both countries includes genocide and persecution. In each nation there were ‘undesirable’ groups of people who were either forced into submission or murdered. One of the target groups in Russia has been Jews. In the USA the first target group was Native Americans, quickly followed by African-Americans. Legal and non-legal methods were used to keep these groups suppressed in both nations.

Now, in the beginning of the 21st Century, the USA is rewinding its cultural and political clocks in a strong effort to return to vice-like control over its ‘undesirable’ people.

The USA is coming out of a period of social and legal changes that was upsetting many of its bigoted people. These powerful prejudiced people are infuriated by Women’s Rights, Civil Rights for minorities, and the inclusion of types of people who were usually excluded from positions in government, business, and entertainment and who were now achieving some success. This has been more Justice than Krackers can stand. The final straw for racist Americans was the election of Barack Obama as President. Twice!

Skip to Donald Trump: he arose from the ashes of his many failed businesses by making financial alliances with foreigners because banks in the USA refused to lend him more money after his many bankruptcies and failed businesses. They had been burned too many times by his underhanded and incompetent businesses practices.

Facts are now emerging that show that about twenty years ago Mr. Trump began to get cooperation and financing from people in Russia who had hijacked former Soviet Government-owned industries and then made themselves owners of those Industries. Russia has no tradition of freedom and democracy under any form of government that it has ever had. Donald Trump was dealing with Russian thugs who operated on a grander scale than he did. He was outclassed, financially, and by all other thug measurements.

The union of Trump with these Russians will never result in a growth of opportunity for anyone other than themselves and those who they control.

Russia wants access to USA money and power. Donald Trump appears to have agreed to help them get that access. Part of the Russian investment in Donald Trump was their use of many social media platforms to deceive and manipulate Black people before and since the 2016 election. Twitter blocked at least two phony ‘Black Activists”pretending to advocate violence who had followed me.

The Russians want to create more conflict in the USA than there already is because disruption is the tyrant’s ticket to power. Their technique is to create problems, then claim “Only I can fix it”. Does that sound familiar?

Donald Trump has shown his disdain for minorities throughout his life and now as president he is flexing his bigoted muscles against every minority he hates. Trump’s list of targets includes all the people who are usually on the hated groups list in this nation. There hasn’t been a president since Woodrow Wilson who has been so eager to exercise his ability to be hateful, spiteful and destructive. In the next few years he intends to take direct measures to punish everyone who he does not like. That puts Black people in the crosshairs.

Trump plugged into the momentum built up by the Republican Party since the 1960s to resurrect Jim Crow conditions and consolidate their power. The old racist Southern Democrats converted to the Republican Party in about a 10 year period starting in the late 1960s. Their true heritage is built on Greed at the expense of Human Rights and a willingness to do business with anybody to maintain control over people outside of their group.

If this cooperation between Russian oligarchs and American oligarchs continues there can be only one result for Black people – oppression like we haven’t seen in 50 to 100 hundred years. The assaults on our rights will only grow, just as happened during Reconstruction. Russians have never given a damn about Black people, other than a few token Blacks from the USA and Africa who they have used for propaganda purposes.

Most White people in the USA don’t have a passion for Civil Rights. They may think it’s a nice idea and a worthy goal but not something worth working for. They don’t see themselves as needing Civil Rights protection for themselves because they think they already have it. They will not do very much to keep Trump in check as he attacks minorities.

So what can Blacks do to keep the axe from falling? The first step will be to jump into the electoral system and push candidates committed to equal rights. Very few elections are actually won by a landslide. Small groups of committed people can tip elections. That is what happened in 2010 with the new group called The Tea Party. The tea they were drinking was their dislike of equal rights for all that was repackaged as fiscal and religious conservatism.

If Black people vote in huge numbers this November for candidates who back the issues important to them they will have a chance to stop the Trump tidal wave which is already apparent in the USA. Right-wingers stole a Supreme Court seat from Barack Obama and saved it for Neil Gorsuch of Colorado, a man they can depend on to vote the way they like on key issues.

In recent years Black women have led the fight in the electoral process both as voters and as candidates. Black men must step up and get into the action. If they can legally vote they must do it. If they cannot legally vote they can help the campaigns of others and encourage eligible voters to get out there to push for change.

Democracy is not a ‘once every 2 years or 4 years’ process. It is a mentality which must be exercised daily. Tyrants exercise their evil schemes daily without prompting. Decent people must realize that nobody is going to secure their freedom for them. They must do it for themselves or the Trumps of this world will resurrect the Old World where ugly things happened daily without any punishment for the oppressors. And yes, I know things are not good now, but worse is just around the corner waiting to invade your home.

Trump/Russia will get totally personal for you and your family and friends.   #BeWoke.

Stephen Maddox Sr.

I am a former teacher, marketing representative, labor negotiator and small business owner. As a black man born and raised in New York City I learned how to survive in the "neighborhood" and in business. Hearing about and witnessing the trials, tribulations, hopes and fears of my extended family and the people in their lives helped mold my life. Helping others with their own life journeys is my goal.

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