(Post Traumatic Trump Syndrome)

 Since the election of Donald Trump every area of my life has been on “upset mode.”   It is my intention that this article may support you with overcoming your feelings of anger, hurt, pain and disgust because you are not alone.

The major nine areas of my life have been affected thusly.

  1. Spiritually: I am unnerved by the degree of hatred, mean-spirited and ugliness the Trump election has brought about by peeling back the racial, gender, religious, intolerances under the smooth surface to reveal the hideous bigotry bubbling forth from the underbelly of the nation’s most prejudice factors.  It is sickening to see hatred and fear being spread throughout the USA and the world.  It is the “Butterfly Effect” felt in all areas around the globe.  It is akin to a fairytale of evil spreading globally.
  2. Mate: My husband works daily using social media to inform and educate all people as to the how and why such a man as Donald Trump could have come to power.  This election has created an environment of fear and dread that my husband has to reassure me daily that we will survive this huge backward step in human development.  I have to remind myself that it is always darkest before the dawn.  Some days I go from sad to mad then helpless, turning hurt into rage…fun spouse for him…NOT.  I try to hide my moods but he knows me too well.
  3. Family: Aware minority families have had to figure out if they will stand up and fight against this onslaught of targeted and assertive ignorance or will they flee and fight from a foreign land.  The other question is how long will this shortsightedness affect future generations of us who are not white, wealthy and Christian Bigots?  Personally, I never cared if I were part of the “in-crowd” because I clearly saw them for what they were but now it is time to see how deeply this negatively changes our families’ futures.  Does Donald Trump, or any of the bigwigs in government, need to think about preparing their children, grandchildren or great-grandkids for going into wars to make greedy white men more money by giving up their lives?  Hell to the NO! They play chess with our descendants using us as pawns by either putting us into wars and or prisons.  I want to scream, “WAKE UP!”  Is your dying for those fat cats so they may have more cheese worth your life?  Will you wake up the youth and educate them on ways to critically think for themselves or be blindsided by the “in-crowd” hype and doctrines?  I must give my family kudos on drilling into us that we have a brain of our own and we are capable of thinking for ourselves.
  4. Finances have always been a challenge for minorities but with Reaganomics we had a small fighting chance.  His programs are still affecting my purse with his windfall taxes cutting off half of my social security every month because I have a pension.  Trump will make it worse by not having to answer to anyone other than his Republican Party whose agenda is party over country and to hell with the people who are not wealthy, white, Bigoted Christians and heterosexual males.  The rest of us are here to serve them and feel we owe them our loyalty for allowing us to be here. Rape us, imprison us , force us into war and be happy while they torture us.  “Yes sir, Mr. Republican, I sure do love you and the way you mistreat me and mine now whip me again.”   I am not a masochist so I don’t get it.
  5. Physically I am determined to get fit and stay healthy because the possibility exists that there will be no Healthcare and no Social programs for those with health issues.  Those individuals with diseases will be at a loss for government support.
  6. Psycho/Emotional is a major factor since there is no empathy or sympathy illustrated at the top, I fear trickle down pathologies will become the norm and all those who don’t “Nazi-up” will suffer for not being extremists and tyrannical.  Conformists will need to show allegiances to fascist tyrants from the White House all the way down to local political hired guns.
  7. Hobbies – because I like music and movies along with TV and other forms of entertainment my fear here is how the propaganda machines will take over and turn most media into only bias and alternative facts destroying anything not supporting the causes of the alt-right.  There is not enough room in my spirit, heart and mind for all of that hatred coming from all directions daily.
  8. Socially I have cut loose most of the people I know who are Trump supporters.  Why?  Look at the seven reasons above.  If someone states that he/she is a friend and has no awareness of how my family and I are and will be mistreated under this administration, they truly are not friends.  I don’t want nor need to spend my time with someone, or a group, determined to destroy my family, perform genocide on my people and hate anyone unlike themselves, dah, not a friend.
  9. Politically this is the only area that has gained the most in time I have spent since the 1960’s.  If I don’t pay attention and if I don’t know my rights and ways to outmaneuver “them”, my family and I are figuratively and literally overlooked, imprisoned or dead.


In times such as these I appreciate all of the trials and tribulations my ancestors endured so that I could enjoy a comfortable life and savor 40 years of working, living and loving.  Now, my joy bubble has burst and I feel “Trumpmatized” every day.

I must remind myself daily that it is not what and how awful the climate is but how I choose to react to the constant reminder that I have control over myself and the actions I take to stop this insanity.

Every day I must remember how to brush off the insults, innuendos, and hatred with my shield of ancestral strength and perseverance.

“I shall overcome this day!”


Article by H. Courtney Maddox


I am a former teacher, marketing representative, labor negotiator and small business owner. As a black man born and raised in New York City I learned how to survive in the "neighborhood" and in business. Hearing about and witnessing the trials, tribulations, hopes and fears of my extended family and the people in their lives helped mold my life. Helping others with their own life journeys is my goal.

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