The new USA Black Card is an educational tool for self-deluded non-white people who look in their mirror and mistakenly think they see someone who will be viewed by all people in the USA as an equal to all the “REAL AMERICANS” of FOXNEWS and many other right-wing organizations. These many-shaded Black, Brown, Red and Yellow skinned people often say that their own opinion of themselves determines how others see them.

110617_jindal_obama_ap_605A surprising number of people (more than zero) wearing non-white skin share this view. Some of them are native-born, i.e. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Others are foreign-born naturalized citizens like Dinesh D’Souza, an Indian born political commentator, book author and film maker. On May 20, 2014, D’Souza pleaded guilty to a Federal felony charge of using “straw donors” to make illegal political campaign donations. But the geniuses at FOXNEWS still used him on air as an expert about Martin Luther King and other “race” issues.

Most of us have met some of these people who think they live in a color-blind nation of people who are all equal politically, economically and socially. They say that RACE is not an issue in their lives. Some of them say we live in a “post-racial America”. They internalized the American History myths they were taught in school and they eat up the right-wing media’s purified and sanitized news stories.


They need help. Print copies of the USA BLACK CARD and give one to each non-white person who lets those ignorant words of racial invisibility come out of their mouth.

Suggest they send a photo of themselves to the nearest KKK chapter (you know, those nice boys in white outfits). The KKK considers itself to be the arbitrators of everything white, and their representatives are capable of clarifying the issue of who is a real American for anyone.

To be safe, don’t spend any time around them right after they contact the KKK. You might get drafted to attend one of their Hot Cross parties as the “Guest Of Honor”!

I am a former teacher, marketing representative, labor negotiator and small business owner. As a black man born and raised in New York City I learned how to survive in the "neighborhood" and in business. Hearing about and witnessing the trials, tribulations, hopes and fears of my extended family and the people in their lives helped mold my life. Helping others with their own life journeys is my goal.

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